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Apple App Site Association 404, url - why does google request apple-app-site-association from : My has also been receiving the occasional hit (or should I say 404!) by Googlebot recently although file doesn't and never - existed guess is that it's just extending mapping to include information on associations between websites specific iOS apps Technical Q&A QA1919: Incoming requests for / well-known/apple 31 Mar 2016 / well-known/apple-app-site-association file Q: Why my web server example / well-known/apple-app- site-association ? A: The released 9 3 update implements RFC 5785 Because of this, devices running will first request 404

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So the answer is that Googlebot is now searching for these urls when they crawl your site, and as part of their effort to map associations between sites and their related apps See: firebase google /docs/app- ing/ios/app It seems that Googlebot hasn't (at this time) been told not to return a

Block nuisance requests for well-known, apple-app, etc

27 Aug 2016 Block nuisance requests <IfModule mod alias c> RedirectMatch 403 (?i)\ well- known RedirectMatch 403 (?i)apple-app-site-association </IfModule> was once used to erase a resource from memory, but now alas it's meaningless because the largest engine in the world treats it like a common 404

Exclude apple-app-site-association 404 from role's overall health

29 Mar 2016 It looks like iOS 9 3 clients calling / well-known/apple-app-site-association are raising my error rate to alert threshold We don't implement that and want the 404s ignored Any suggestion how? rpm newrelic …

My first date with iOS Universal Links – Michael Barshinger – Medium

13 Oct 2015 Serving apple-app-site-association from IIS IIS only serves files of known types, defined by their file extension Since apple-app-site-association doesn't include a file extention, IIS throws a 404 error, when I try to open it with a browser I fixed this by adding a mimeMap to c:\inetpub\ root\web config:

Universal Links: Troubleshooting and FAQ – Sailthru

31 Jul 2017 If your app is not signed, the Content-type may be the issue The resource here suggests a signed file should have the Content-type application/pkcs7-mime and an unsigned AASA file should be application/json Going to link domain / apple-app-site-association should not have any redirects on click