Apple App Site Association Not Working

Apple App Site Association Not Working, swift - Apple-app-site-association is not working Stack Overflow: The file appropriately hosted, as confirmed by using: curl -I pravin-dev slicepay in/apple-app-site-association You can also use Apple's Applebot to crawl your site validate an apple-app-site-association However, this only full verifies if app live issue may not be with association Technical Q&A QA1916: Troubleshooting Apple Developer 16 May 2016 gives a diagnostic procedure and troubleshooting steps discover fix issues in implementing Universal Links not app This caused either web server configuration, where you host apple- app-site-association (AASA) file, or app Working If installed, follows the link website Page 12 Links resolve the issues of Deep • Can shared returned On installation iOS fetches apple-app-site-association from each associated domain Periodically in-case of updates /apple-app-site- association

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Troubleshooting Universal Links Apple Developer Forums

21 Nov 2016 I'm working on implementing Universal Links and Handoff for my domains, and running into some trouble I've followed all of the Apple Guides, however I am hitting a roadblock when it comes to apple-app-site-association hosting I have valid SSL certs for my domain, a valid apple-app-site-association file

App Search Programming Guide: Support - Apple Developer

15 Dec 2016 For users who are running versions of iOS earlier than 9 0, tapping a universal link to your website opens the link in Safari For apps that run in iOS 9 3 1 and later, the uncompressed size of the apple-app-site-association file must be no greater than 128 KB, regardless of whether the file is signed In your

apple-app-site-association never requested Apple Developer Forums

So I've gotten universal links working, sometimes It seems only when developing , using XCode to push to device / simulator (the command-line cordova run ios doesn't seem to work) Unfortunately, even with the app released in the app store, it's not requesting apple-app-site-association, and universal

Fetch timing of apple-app-site-association files Apple Developer

Upload the “new” apple-app-site-association file added paths to our server and upload the our iOS application(v2) to TestFlight server 4 Update the iOS application(v2) from the Testflight server -> iOS did not fetch apple-app-site- association file and Universal Links did not work for new added paths

iOS Universal Links Troubleshooting Guide - Support - Branch io

19 Jun 2017 If your Branch links aren't opening your app, there is most likely an issue with the Universal Links configuration Most problems with Universal Links stem from a misconfiguration of the entitlements file