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Apple App Site Association Sign, Preparing Your and Website to Share Apple Developer : When the app is installed, system downloads verifies site association file for each of its associated domains The output openssl command the signed JSON file that you put on your website at apple-app-site- association URL, in this example example /apple-app-site-association App Search Programming Guide: Support - 15 Dec 2016 If runs iOS 9 or later use serve file, can create a plain text uses application/json MIME type don't need sign it support Handoff Shared Web Credentials 8, still as described in Sign 11 Jan 2018 Page 22 Security code g Runtime process security Extensions App Groups Data Protection apps Accessories HomeKit SiriKit HealthKit ReplayKit Secure Notes Watch 34 Network TLS VPN Wi-Fi Bluetooth Single Sign-on AirDrop security

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As of iOS 9 developer seed 2, you no longer need to sign the apple-app-site- association file for Universal links Most places on the web still reference the need to sign the file as do the official Apple Docs Here's the WWDC session where it was announced that you no longer need to sign the file

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apple-app-site-association” file One file for each domain, both example com and example need separate files: { "applinks": { "apps": [], "details": { " 9JA89QQLNQ apple wwdc": { "paths": [ "/wwdc/news/", "/videos/wwdc/2015/* " ] } } } }

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Create a JSON file called apple-app-association; Sign the apple-app-site- association file using openssl; Upload the signed apple-app-site-association file Modifying the Content-type of the apple-app-site-association file Apache configuration; nginx configuraiton Client configuration Associated domains; Implement the

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22 Mar 2017 he AASA (short for apple-app-site-association) is a file that lives on your website and associates your website domain with your native app

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20 Jul 2015 If your app runs in iOS 9 or later and you use to serve the apple-app-site- association file, you can create a plain text file that uses the application/json MIME type and you don't need to sign it If you support Handoff and Shared Web Credentials in iOS 8, you still need to sign the file as described in