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Apple App Site Association Validator, App Search API Validation Tool - Apple Developer: Tool Test your webpage for iOS 10 APIs Enter a URL and Applebot will crawl show how you can optimize best results Learn more about Developers Universal Link Validator Enter domain (e g foo ) to check whether apple-app-site- association is properly hosted Optionally, provide Bundle identifier validate the correct values from project are present For accuracy, additionally provide Team Identifier Domain Allow unencrypted AASA files Validator Page 49 Internet Services ID iMessage FaceTime iCloud iCloud Keychain Siri Continuity Safari Suggestions, Siri Suggestions in Search, Lookup, #images, News App, Widget Non-News Countries 64 Device Controls Passcode protection iOS pairing model Configuration enforcement

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Note: The old Universal Links Validator, used to test your domain configuration, has moved In an effort to better The validator can be run on most vanilla Xcode projects, as well as Xcode projects generated from Unity, Cordova and Ionic apps This tool will Disclaimer: This product is not affiliated with Apple If you have

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The AASA Validator, formerly the Universal Links Validator, can be used to test if your website is properly configured for Universal Links We'll test your domain against Apple's requirements for hosting your Apple App Site Association file along with what we have seen in production that leads to a successful implementation

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9 Mar 2016 Branch's Site Validator for Universal Links builds upon knowledge gained from troubleshooting various setups from Jack's 51 iOS 9 Apps that Support Universal Links If a Universal Link worked on our iOS 9 2 devices, we went back to the tool to understand whether the apple-app-site-association file

GitHub - shortstuffsushi/Universal-Link-Validator: A simple node app

Universal-Link-Validator - A simple node app for testing your Apple App Site Association file setup

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Resources General link resources; Validation tools Server configuration Apple JSON Metadata file Create a JSON file called apple-app-association; Sign the apple-app-site-association file using openssl; Upload the signed apple-app-site- association file Modifying the Content-type of the apple-app-site-association file