Service Due Soon A124 Acura Tl

Service Due Soon A124 Acura Tl, What do the numbers Mean (A 124) for maintenance on 2006 Honda : A124 is not a diagnostic trouble code but codes So A124 would mean: A Replace engine oil, 1 Rotate tire, 2 air cleaner element - If you drive in dusty conditions, replace every 15,000 miles (24,000 km) - dust and pollen filter primarily urban areas Maintenance Minder Service Codes For Acura Cars 29 Jul 2016 Most vehicles are equipped with an electronic computer system that linked to dashboard tells drivers when required driver neglects service light, such as “Service Due Now” he or she runs risk of damaging worse, ending up stranded the Tl hazardous To reduce possibility problems, check your tire pressures and condition frequently, perform all regularly scheduled maintenance tensioners may work need them See dealer soon possible 49 45 How SRS Indicator Light Works Additional Information

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As your Acura model comes due for service you'll notice minder codes pop up on the dash Below you'll find an explanation of what services are due when you see each of these codes Our award winning service team is happy to assist you in understanding these codes and helping you get the appropriate maintenance to

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Second Generation RL (2005-2012) - Timing Belt Service - now worried - I took my car in to the dealer this morning as the A146 notification came up in the MID - timing belt, water pump, spark plugs, oil change, rear diff fluid change, and tire rotation They called me mid-day and said the belt tensioner

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Maintenance MindersTM Acura's equipped with Maintenance Minder™ measures driving style, road conditions, and helps to notify you when scheduled maintenance is due When you see the wrench, it's time for Acura Genuine Service Or

Acura Maintenance Minder Menus Sunnyside Acura

Rather than using a static table of time and mileage to keep track of maintenance, the Acura Maintenance Minder system calculates service needs based on how the vehicle is driven It checks engine operating before they occur To see which service your Acura is due for, simply click the corresponding year and model

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22 Sep 2011 Resetting Maintenance Light, 2005 Acura TL - EricTheCarGuy ericthecarguy / Well this one is pretty much right out of the box and requires littl